I Will Write Thoroughly Researched Articles On Topics From Various Niches Except For Legal Topics.

Posted By: Radhika Yadav

About this Talent:

About my work:

I write well-researched content on different topics. Many of my works have been featured on different media. The reviews in my profile show the number of satisfied clients who had rehired me for their requirements.

I am currently working as an editor for a reputed organization. Research is my passion, so I am freelancing as a research writer too. I love exploring new niches and create content on them. Legal topics are something that I have not explored yet. So anything except this would be something I can do

About me:

After completing my Mass communication degree from Delhi University, I started creating well-researched content in various niches like history, business, finance, marketing, as well as technical niches. If you are looking for comprehensive articles that are thoroughly researched and well-articulated, then you have reached the right place.

I will use my ideas, incorporate your thoughts in them, and combine that with extensive research work to come up with engaging content that will stand out. It will be made in such a way that the people become interested to learn more about the topic.

Some FAQs about my work:
How much do I charge for 500 words of research writing?

I charge INR 800 for 500-word research writing work.

What services are included in the above price?
  • A revision is limited to two times per 500-word content.
  • 2 keywords included in a 500-word article.
  • Copy of Copyscape report provided for plagiarism check.
  • Proofread content to ensure that is free from any grammatical error.
What is my turnaround time for 500 words of research content?

I will deliver the 500-word research content in 1 day.

What services can you expect from me?

I can research and deliver content related to the following:

  • Technical Writing
  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies
  • Book & eBook Writing
  • Social Media Copy
  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Creative Writing
  • Speechwriting
  • Email Copy
  • Blogs
  • Product Descriptions
  • Website Content
What process do I follow for writing research papers?

Here are the steps I follow for writing a perfect research paper:

  • Thoroughly understanding the requirement of the particular research.
  • Select a topic
  • Carry out preliminary research on the topic.
  • Create a thesis statement
  • Develop an outline for the research paper.
  • Create a draft for the research work
  • Compiling the introduction for the topic, followed by a body of text and finally the conclusion.
  • Develop a second draft
  • Revise the whole process
  • Create a checklist for the research paper.
Do I provide proofreading and editing services too?

Yes, I always proofread the content before submitting but if you specifically need the service, I can do that too.

What does my premium service include?

I can deliver research content of 3000 words in my premium services which will be delivered in 4 days. It will involve in-depth research with references and citations, a report for plagiarism-free as well as unlimited revisions.

What are the referencing styles I can use in my research content?

In my research work, I use APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard, and the Chicago style of referencing.

How many revisions do I provide for a 500-word research topic?

I offer unlimited revisions for research content and do not charge anything extra for the service.

Can I guarantee that my research work is free from plagiarism?

Yes, to prove this, I will provide you with a copy of the Copyscape premium report with every content that will be delivered.

Do I charge extra for providing business names, slogans or suggesting catchy titles?

Yes, there are extra charges for these.

How soon do I respond to messages?

I respond to messages quickly and have a team that provides support 24/7. So you can reach out to me at any time you want to discuss any details related to the project.

What is the information you need to provide me?

I need to know your purpose of research and if you have any specific requirements. Also, let me know the deadline if you have one so that I can check if it is possible to complete it within the due date.

Will I provide you with a sample before you choose me for your work?

Yes, of course, based on your requirement, I will send you a sample so that you can quickly have an idea about my work. That will make you more confident about hiring me for completing your project.

Do I add royalty-free images to my content wherever needed? Is there an extra charge for this?

Yes, there will be additional charges when I buy images from different websites to use them in your content. This is not applicable when I use freely available images.

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.800/- for 500 words. Duration : 20 hours
Location: Rs.Bihar,India Languages Known : english
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