I Will Meticulously Edit Your Book Manuscript, Proofread And Make It More Thoughtful And Interesting.

Posted By: Aman Singh

About this Talent:

About my work:

I will meticulously edit your book manuscript, proofread and make it more thoughtful and interesting. In the process of publishing a book, it is important to ensure that it is grammatically correct with no semantic errors. But this is not the only thing that is important because readers love to read a story that is conveyed through the writing.

About me:

I have completed my B.tech from SRM University, Chennai, and MBA from LPU Punjab. I have over 5 years of experience in book editing related to various genres such as spirituality, business, self-help, wellness, academic books, and novels. So you can expect me to work beyond just editing and proofreading your manuscript. I will go through it meticulously to make the changes so that readers find it interesting to continue reading further. You can avail of my premium services also if you need feedback for improving the structure and making deep line edits for a better logical flow and tone consistency.

Some FAQs about my work:

What do I charge for editing a 5000-word book?

I charge INR 9000 to edit a 5000-word book.

What is my turnaround time for the above?

I need 15-20 days for editing it but this varies on the type of book and type of editing you expect me to do. We can discuss it on call.

Am I a beta reader?

No, I am a professional editor, unlike the beta readers who just identify the potential issues before starting an editing process. So you can expect me to go through the content to identify the flaws and edit them too.

What information do you need to provide me before I start editing your book?

I will need to know the purpose of writing the book along with the target group you are aiming at. This will help me get a rough idea of your vision and I can edit it in a better way to meet the readers' requirements.

Do I edit technical books?

Yes, I have experience in editing technical books too as I have a strong technical background.

What about research on a topic while editing a technical book?

When needed I do in-depth research for editing a book to incorporate all the required content. Complete coverage of different aspects of a topic is always my aim so that readers will feel it to be one of the best resources.

What does my work involve?

I will provide suggestions to enhance the structure, soundness of the arguements provided in the book and try to enhance the clarity. Once you approve the suggestions, I will make the changes. For fictional work, I focus on characteristic dialogue and the development of the plot.

For the tech-savvy target audience, I use the right jargon and for the general audience, I try to make the sentences as simple as possible so that they can easily understand.

won't get a scope to ask me to revise again.

Do I write book summaries?

Yes but this doesn't come under the standard book editing package. It will come with a different charge under the premium package and you will have to let me know the specific word count and the deadline if any. You will get a Copyscape premium report for the summary, showing it's free from any plagiarism.

Will I provide you with some of my sample works?

Yes, once you approach me, and I understand your requirements, I will provide you relevant work samples so you can have an idea about my work.

How many revisions are covered in the standard package?

You will get a maximum of 2 revisions in the standard package and any more revisions beyond this will come with an extra charge.  I will proofread the whole thing before submitting it, so most probably you

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.9000/- for 5000-word book edit Duration : 20 days for 5000-word book edit.
Location: Rs.Punjab,India Languages Known : english
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