I Will Edit Your Articles, Blogs, Journals, And Manuscripts To Make Them Outstanding.

Posted By: Nandini Kulkarni

About this Talent:

About my work:

I will edit your articles, blogs, journals, and manuscripts to make them outstanding. Readers find my edited work lawless as they are free from any kind of errors. Not just editing, I can enhance the content by adding meaningful data to it if a client requests for the same.

About me:

I am working with an indigenous publishing house and have over 8 years of experience in editing, proofreading, rewriting, and copyediting works. I can do this for presentations, emails, articles, stories, journals, manuscripts, and anything else based on your requirement. So you do not have to worry anymore about poorly written content as I can edit and make outstanding with now errors.

Some common FAQs related to my work:

What price do I charge for editing 1000 word content?

I charge 1700 for editing 1000 word content.

Can I edit content related to any niche?

No, I abstain from editing any adult content. Apart from this, I can edit everything.

What is my turnaround time for editing 1000 word content?

It takes me 4-5 hours to fully edit and enhance a 1000 word content.

Does content enhancement come under the standard package?

No, I do that only on special requests from clients and it comes under the premium package.

What all comes under the purview of my editing work?

Here are the issues I fix in the content:

  • Improper phrases and words.
  • Grammatical errors.
  • Any error in punctuations, capitalization, and spelling.
How can you know about the changes I made in the document?

You will get a document with the tracked changes along with the final document so that it would be easy to identify all the changes incorporated in it.

Do I take bulk editing orders?

Yes, I take up bulk orders and complete them successfuly with my team consisting of 5 members. I would like to discuss the urgency of the task before accepting it.

Do I edit video content?

Yes, and this is covered under the premium package. It will cost INR 2500 for a 20-minute video clip.

Will I add statistical content to a topic if requested?

Yes, I will make in-depth research to add statistical content to a topic to make it more meaningful to the readers. If needed, I will add short video clips too. This will come at an extra charge but your investment will be worth it as it will enhance the conversion rate of your website.

Do I edit offline content?

Yes, I edit offline content too and provide necessary comments in the reports. The content should be in a readable form and clear enough so that I can go through all the lines without missing any information while editing.

How do I edit legal content even when I don't have a supporting qualification?

We have a team having a member who has supportive legal qualifications and he will be the one editing the legal content.

Do I check content for plagiarism before submitting it?

Yes, I check the content in Copyscape premium when I have added information to it. There will be extra charges to make it unique, in case the content you provided me to edit has a high plagiarism rate. Accordingly, it will take me some more time to make it perfect.

How familiar I am with WordPress?

My previous clients had requested me to enter content directly into WordPress. So I am well versed with its features and plugins.

Will you get to see my work sample before we start working?

Yes, I will provide you with my previous editing samples so that you can be sure if you want me to work on your case.

Do I have experience in editing research papers?

Yes, there were a few clients for whom I had edited the research papers to make them error-free.

How long does it take me to edit a 30 min video?

This depends on what needs to be done. Generally, it takes me 2-3 days to complete the video trimming, linking it to  relevant video content, removing noise, and others

Is SEO something that comes under the purview of my work?

Yes, for the content that is not SEO optimized, I do it with some extra charges. This will cover keyword search, use of relevant statistical figures, and charts to make the content better and rich. I will use the themes in WordPress that are SEO-friendly along with the faster plugins to enhance the optimization of your website.

Do I provide a plagiarism-free report for all edited content?

No, that is provided only when I have added some content to make it better.

What format do I provide the final file?

I provide the final file in the same format as you had sent me, though I can convert it to PDF or Word, or Excel as per your requirement.

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.2200/- for a 1500 + word count Duration : 24 hours for a 1500-word article.
Location: Rs.Uttar Pradesh,India Languages Known : english
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