I Will Be A Technical Content Writer For Creating Seo-Friendly Content On Anything In The Niche.

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About this Talent:

About my work:

I will write technical content that is SEO-friendly on different topics. If you are a startup business or any IT company, you will need high-quality technical content for boosting your website's credibility. This will create a strong impact on your potential customers and thus help you expand your customer base.

Technical content has to be specifically designed for those looking for general coverage and those looking for a solution to their specific problem. Lack of meeting this requirement will result in a high bounce rate for your web page.

About me:

Want content on the internet and technology, retail and commerce, listicles, long-form articles, instructional or how-to articles? Then you are at the right place. I have over 4 years of experience in technical content creation with a reputed company. Since I have been freelancing with a couple of clients, you can check reviews on my profile to see their level of satisfaction after working with me. I assure to fulfill your requirements after we discuss all the details over call for better clarity.

The right kind of content is extremely important to keep the audience engaged and in technical writing, this is even more difficult because not many people love to go through technical topics in their free time. But if the content is presented in a well-organized form that is easily digestible, then they would get interested as it will keep their attention glued.

Common FAQs related to my work:

What do I charge for 500 words of technical content?

I charge INR 600 for 500 words of technical content on any topic.

What is covered in the above price?

The 500 words will include 2 keywords and along with the content, you will receive a Copyscape premium report to ensure that it is plagiarism-free.

How long do I take for completing 500-word technical content?

It takes me a day to complete 500-word technical content.

Do I provide work samples to new clients?

Yes, I can provide you with a few samples so you can have an idea about my work.

What are some of the technical writings that I had done for my clients?

Some examples of technical content that I had created in my previous  works include:

  • Creating how-to guides
  • User manuals for technical products
  • Blogs on technical topics
  • Guides for installing, repairing, or using a software
  • Informative IT-related articles.
What information do I need from the clients before starting work?

I need to know about your business, and your visions so that I can create content accordingly. If you already have a specific set of requirements, then you can directly let me know so I can start working on the same. Please note that final content will be revised 5 times at max after submission in the standard package, though I can assure you that the clear conversation, in the beginning, won't leave a scope for rework.

Do I search keywords for the topics assigned to me?

Yes, I search for the appropriate keywords that are suitable for a piece of technical content. I classify them as primary, secondary, and tertiary and sprinkle them in the article evenly as required, for better optimization.

What makes my technical articles more interesting to read?

Readers find my technical content more interesting because I follow a systematic process of compiling them. I make them simple to understand such that a beginner-level person can also grasp the gist easily. When needed I also compile articles for a specific group of tech-savvy people by using jargonistic keywords.

Do I use statistics in my content?

Yes, whenever needed, I used specific statistics and illustrations for better clarification on the sources used. Statistical values are always taken from the reputed sources to ensure accuracy.

 Do I add infographics and video clips in my technical content?

Yes, I use this for lengthy technical topics where users usually find it boring to go through long paragraphs of text. In such situations, using infographics makes it easier for them to get the whole thing easily in less time. The relevant video clips also play a major role in making the content more interesting for the readers.

What is the format of my content delivery?

I will deliver the content in PDF or word format or as requested by you.

Do I provide you future ideas for technical content for your website?

Yes, based on the type of requirement, and the performance of your website, I will suggest content that we can put up in the future for a better return on investment. But this comes under the premium package that has different rates from the one mentioned above.

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.800/- for 500 words Duration : 5 hours
Location: Rs.Mumbai,India Languages Known : english
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