I Will Accurately Translate The Hindi, Spanish And Italian Content For You In English And Vice Versa.

Posted By: Puneet Vyas

About this Talent:

Why should you hire me? I have proficiency in different languages. These include English, Hindi, Spanish and Italian. I have a Master's degree in Communication and learning new languages had been my passion. After completing college, I was into translation jobs and currently have over 6 years of experience in the same. Most of my clients have been overly impressed with my work. You can expect perfect grammar in the translated content that I will be providing you. In case you need handwritten content to be translated, send me its clear copy so that I can make an accurate translation. Translation by humans is always more accurate than that by machines. So, your dependency on online translating tools will come to an end. Also, you should know that the tools might misrepresent things and make them look unprofessional. So, what are you waiting for? Contact me now. While sending your request, let me know the deadline within which you need the delivery, so I can adjust my timings accordingly and work on it. Please note that I do not translate any content related to adult topics, so if you have any such requirements then I am not the right one to complete your project.

Salient Features:
Job Price:INR 700 for translating 350 word content. Duration : 15 hours for a 400-word content translation.
Location: Rs.Hyderabad,India Languages Known : english , hindi , italian , spanish
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